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Part 1 of 3

Presenting the features & highlights as late as December 21st might seem like I missed an imaginary deadline. However, it was intended that way simply to line up with the winter solstice. There’s much to be read and written about the winter solstice, including the once in a lifetime conjunction of two planets creating a possible effect called the Christmas Star – but I’ll get more into that in the theme segment of these highlights.

Slide through December’s featured word – snow – starting with these word clips from Cadence:

By this time of year, many parts of the world are covered in snow, but where I reside it’s mostly grey and rainy, which is an added challenge when tasked to write about this wonderful bright white stuff known as snow. As much as I would like to see snowflakes tumble from the sky, I do hope that the skies will clear for the Christmas Star to be seen.

Catch Part 2 of this quick 3-part segment for more on this snowy word:

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Part 2 of 3

As we all know, a word can take on many meanings, and the word snow is no different.

To snow as to deceive might not be as popular in useage as it is to describe certain drugs, but ultimately, the word snow is mostly used to describe nature’s way to brighten up what would otherwise be rainy days.

Requiring temperatures below 0°C (32°F) does have it’s downsides, but it is required in order for snowflakes to form and fall into what is called snow.

With much to be read and written about snow, having tasked myself with a daily writing challenge throughout December while counting down 24 Verses to a poem titled Snowflake Kisses, I’ve been completely immersed in white snowy memories and thoughts.

Swoosh through some Cadent Words inspired by snow filled themes:

Catch Part 3 for more on this snowy word:

snow : part 3

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Part 3 of 3

December 2020, just as I did last year, I have been counting down 24 verses to a poem titled Snowflake Kisses inciting me to write every day. Although based entirely on fiction and fantasy, selecting a word from each verse does often lead to look up and research topics relating to factual events, which can easily inspire and ignite the imagination.

Read through the snow-related pages from the Christmas Countdown or scroll down to slide into December’s featured theme – wintertime.

Sit back by the fireside or wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket while swooshing and sliding through the features highlighting wintertime:

POEM : snowflakes

WORD : snow

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