WORD : truth


must I be injected

with a dose of truth serum

to tell my simple truth

as truthful as it is

Part 1 of 3

This month’s featured word, a rather common and familiar one, might lead some to wonder why there is a need for it to be highlighted while focusing on poetry.

TRUTH = real things & real events

The fact is, full disclosure of one’s truth is usually shared in confidence with a trusted one. And the bottom line is, people are free to choose to believe whether something is true or not.

Poetry is often considered whimsical, frivolous, exaggerated, and sentimental. Pieces written and sometimes fabricated from one’s imagination, dreams, or fantasies, are generally thought of as fiction, but poetry can also be a creative way to tell a true story.


Be sure to follow this truth inspired word in the 2nd of this 3-part segment – scroll down for part 2.

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